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What Do We Know About Gina Rodriquez From TV’s “Jane the Virgin”?

She's won a Golden Globe and is on one of the funniest comedies on TV. But just what do we know about "Jane The Virgin's" Gina Rodriguez? Here's some fun facts!

Are You Stanley From ‘The Office’?

Stanley, The Office’s most disgruntled employee in the office. He’s also the most oblivious to what’s going on around him, and frankly, he doesn’t even really...

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Model Collection Through The Years

For Leonardo DiCaprio, life’s a beach – literally. He spends more time on the beach playing volleyball and sunbathing with supermodels than any of us regular people...

8 Of the Craziest and Most Creative Red Carpet Outfits Ever!

10 of Reese Witherspoon’s Best Looks Ever!

She's an Oscar winner, mom, wife, badass producer and now fashion mogul. Reese Witherspoon has evolved into one of America's best fashion icons! Here's some of her best...

10 Movie Mistakes You Won’t Believe. #9 Is Ridiculous!

Hollywood has been long since viewed as the gold standard when it comes to making films. Heck, with what producers, directors, and especially the actors are paid – you...

Actors Who Sat The Longest In The Make-Up Chair

For some movies, all that an actor requires to get into role is a bit of powder, to get his or her hair did, and an outfit change – and in 5 minutes they’re done....

9 (Average) Celeb Guys Who are With Really Hot Women

Most guys think that they have to be a gorgeous guy to snag a hot woman. But that's not always true. Here are 9 couples who prove that.

10 Celebs with Really Hot Siblings

Celebs have enough to deal with with all of the scandals and other rumors about them. But a lot of them have another problem - siblings that are as hot or hotter than...

Books To Read For Fall

Who doesn't love a great read on a lazy Sunday? Well, for Fall here are 8 Great Reads that you should be adding to your must read list!